Washing Your Windows

Someone recently sent me an email with a morality story….you know, the ones that you have to forward to seven people within seven minutes. I usually don’t pass them on, but I liked the message in this one so I thought I would share it with you. A recently married young couple move in to a new neighborhood and the wife notices the neighbor’s laundry hanging outside in the breeze. She comments to her husband that someone needs to teach her neighbor how to wash clothes as her laundry is not clean enough. Her husband says nothing. Each week the wife complains about the neighbors laundry until one day she comes down to breakfast and notices a change. She tells her husband that “finally, someone must have taught her how to clean her clothes properly”. Her husband looks up from his newspaper and says “I came down early this morning and washed the windows”. When did you last wash your windows? What we think we are seeing is merely a socially constructed story that we convince ourselves is correct. Valuing differences is a living, breathing ongoing challenge, not a conceptual theory. We need to constantly check our attitude towards others. What is your inner voice telling you and is it congruent with what is coming out of your mouth? Do you say one thing and think another. Are you judging people based on their appearance? Do you favor people who look and think like you and not give others a chance. Who is on your radar screen and who is on your peripheral vision? What stories do you tell yourself about those on the periphery? If you washed your windows and looked again, would the view be different?

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