Human Facets® Customized Webinars and Workshops

Inclusion and Diversity Webinars and Workshops

With an international team of global inclusion and diversity facilitators, Human Facets® customizes all of our work to respect the client culture and fit the client’s current needs.

The following Human Facets® webinars and workshops are examples of some of the topics that would be customized:

  • Developing a Diversity Strategic Plan:for leaders, HR professionals and employee resource groups
  • Launching an Employee Resource Group:for HR and diversity professionals and members of newly formed employee resource groups
  • Inclusion Matters:Making the link between diversity, unconscious bias and inclusion and the impact on the bottom line
  • Advanced DEI (Webinars and workshops):addresses all aspects of difference, including race, power, privilege, skin color difference, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, generational challenges and disabilities. This workshop/webinar series is experiential in nature and looks at the issues of Dominance, Power and Privilege both systemically and individually.
  • Gender Acumen Matters:this workshop/webinar series addresses the dynamics of difference relative to gender, privilege, power and difference.
  • Diversity dialogues: (Homogenous and cross-difference dialogs) e.g. Engaging Women across Difference:a facilitated conversation with white women to explore dynamics of difference and facilitated conversations between white women and women of color
  • Becoming an Ally series: A Zoom based webinar series to assist employees understand what it means to be an Ally across difference. What to say and do and what not to say and do.
  • Being an Ally/Advocate. A Zoom based deeper dive series for Allies who want to learn more.  Custom designed case studies and panel discussions are part of the design.
  • Train the Trainer:designed to train people to become competent Diversity & Inclusion facilitators

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