A number of our clients have won major awards based on Dr. Turnbull’s programs.

Texas Instruments - Catalyst Award 1996, JP Morgan - Opportunity Now 1998, Citigroup Opportunity Now 1999, Commonwealth Bank - Catalyst Award, 2012, JP Morgan - Gender Award 1999, QBE - Australian Employer of Choice 2015
January 24, 2012 – Catalyst Announces 2012 Award Winners

Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank has just been announced winner of the 2012 Catalyst Award, (along with Sodexo). The Catalyst Award is probably the most well recognized and respected diversity award in the world, and the extremely rigorous assessment process ensures Commonwealth Bank is a well-deserved winner.

Central to Commonwealth Bank’s award winning gender strategy was the Unconscious Bias Program, utilizing Cognizant, a Human Facets® online assessment tool. The Bank implemented this as a compulsory program for their entire senior leadership (over 400 General Managers and Executive General Managers) and it was viewed as the key ‘lever’ for addressing attitudes and culture in the business, thus unlocking the value of all their other diversity initiatives.

This is the second time a client has won the Catalyst Award utilizing material developed by Dr. Helen Turnbull, CEO of Human Facets®, with Texas Instruments being a Catalyst winner in 1996. JP Morgan and Citigroup also won Opportunity Now and Business in the Community utilizing programs designed, developed and delivered by Human Facets®.

Dr. Helen Turnbull, CEO of Human Facets® played a key role in delivering the Unconscious Bias Program. Dr. Turnbull was invited to participate in the award ceremony with representatives from Commonwealth Bank, including their CEO Ian Narev.

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