Episode 100 of Leadership Junkies Podcast. Dr. Helen Turnbull | The Unchallenged Brain Is Not Worth Trusting: The Role of Unconscious Bias in Diversity, Equity and Inclusio‪n‬

Are you confused about diversity, inclusion and what it means in business? Are you looking to better understand the role of diversity and inclusion in your life and business? Are you looking to better understand the path to more diverse and inclusive organizations, teams, communities and lives?

Dr. Helen Turnbull answers these and other questions about diversity, equity, inclusion and leadership.

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David Walsh Meet the Thought Leaders with Dr Helen Turnbull

David Walsh of Open Minds Interviews Dr. Helen Turnbull.

People First! Dr. Helen Turnbull, Author of The Illusion of Inclusion

Welcome to SkyeTeam’s People First! Morag Barrett and Dr. Helen Turnbull discuss one of the most salient topics of our times, The Illusion of Inclusion.

Dr. Turnbull is a world-recognized Thought Leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her extensive research focuses on unconscious bias, inclusion blind spots and gender bias. She has unparalleled knowledge on the complexity of inclusion. Dr. Turnbull is the author of three online psycho-metric assessment tools on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion – namely, Cognizant, the ISM profile, and The Gender Gap Assessment. She has spoken TEDx on “The Illusion of Inclusion”. She keynotes and offers workshops in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK, Canada, Latin America, and the USA. Several of her clients have won major Awards because of her work, including two clients winning the high-profile Catalyst Award. In addition to her PhD, Dr. Turnbull has two Masters Degrees in Organizational Behavior and Mental Health Counseling and an Under-Graduate Degree in Psychology and Sociology. She was also President of the Open University Students Association (OUSA) in the UK and in that role has had lunch with the HRH Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip; she has attended The Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and sat next to Prime Minister Harold Wilson at an event in the Guild Hall in London.

Why is it important for organizations to be thinking about inclusion and diversity?

If you figure out how to do inclusion properly, you will gain commitment instead of compliance, and achieve more loyalty and creativity.

3 immutable forces around inclusion that will never change;

  1. dominance
  2. unconscious bias – have to be vigilant
  3. degrees of difference

Permeable factors:

  1. affinity bias – ‘mini-me’ syndrome
  2. assimilation – if people withhold their best ideas, leaders are not getting their best selves, they’re getting a simulator.
  3. political correctness – walking on egg shells; afraid to speak to each other across differences. Can’t give honest feedback because might be accused of being racist.

A leader has to listen to creative people e.g. Google company allows people to work 10% of time on their own projects.

Psychological safety – one thing leaders can do is to go round the meeting, even a Zoom room, and ask each person to speak without interruption. While it’s time-consuming, it buys you loyalty and commitment, because everyone’s voice matters.

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