Gender Gap© Assessment Tool

How can you be sure you have a gender supportive culture?

If you could provide your leaders with a way to measure their gender acumen skills would you be interested?

Learn more about the benefits of gender acumen and gender inclusion by taking our Gender Gap assessment and related workshop?

Gender Gap Assessment Tool - Ideal platform to encourage crucial conversations across and within gender groups and to build Gender Acumen

The Gender Gap Online Assessment Tool evaluates your leadership skills and capabilities to create a gender supportive work environment. It helps leaders to measure their gender acumen effectiveness across seven different gender competencies.

The 7 Gender Acumen Competencies measured are:

  • Gender Perception
  • Gender Communication
  • Gender Collaboration
  • Development and Advancement of Women
  • Gender Conflict
  • Gender Equity
  • Embedding Gender Inclusion

Closing the gender gaps in your organization will ensure you embed a gender acumen inclusive culture and increase employee engagement; benefiting the bottom line.

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