Cognizant© Online Assessment: Discover What’s Hindering Your Progress

Human Facets’® Unconscious Bias Program incorporates a global online assessment tool designed by Dr. Helen Turnbull to raise the unconscious to consciousness, helping you discover what’s hindering your organization’s progress.

Do you understand the importance of understanding where your unconscious bias comes from and how it impacts the quality of our day to day decision making? No one gets to be a phenomenological exception and Dr. Turnbull addresses the need for us to catch ourselves and be more mindful of how these biases show up. She suggests that we need to move our biases from the back of our neck, where we cannot see them to the edge of our shoulder where they are at least on our peripheral vision.

Understanding and mitigating biases such as confirmation bias, pattern recognition bias, affinity bias and covering or assimilation will have an important role to play in improving your chances of attracting, retaining and advancing your talent pipeline.

The Assessment will tell you:

The Cognizant Online Assessment will give you in-depth insight into the impact of unconscious biases on organizations, individuals and group. A leading edge assessment completed online, it is designed to provide leaders with in-depth insight into their own hierarchy of unconscious bias. When made conscious of what these biases are, leaders are coached by our diversity and inclusions experts on how to master and overcome them.

The Cognizant Online Assessment enables leaders to more clearly see the impact of their individual and collective biases and blind spots

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