I have participated in Dr. Helen Turnbull’s Human Facets Diversity and Inclusion Webinar. It is by far the most academically valid and yet work place relevant DEI training I have ever participated in. It has made a profound difference in my self awareness.

Barry Banther
Former Chair, The National Speaker’s Association
Former Chair, The Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities
Author, A Leader’s Gift…How to earn the right to be followed

…Dr. Turnbull has been an esteemed partner to Wells Fargo for many years. She has worked with Executives and employees both virtually and in-person in the US and internationally with equal success and high engagement ratings. Recently she delivered a Virtual Fireside Chat on “Being an Ally” that was attended by over 5000 participants, with glowing reviews. Since Dr. Turnbull has presented multiple webinars in our company over time, she was able to respond quickly to our changing needs by delivering keynotes and D&I courses virtually. This has allowed us to have a bigger impact over a wider audience. We look forward to further engaging Dr. Turnbull as we continue to navigate the new reality, allowing more leaders and employees to benefit from her knowledge and experience as we transition to online format for many of our offerings.

Peter Kouzmov, VP, Global Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Learning
Wells Fargo, New York

…I am very appreciative for all the Virtual Keynote talks you have conducted with our firm in 2020 centering around Allyship. You are an incredible partner to work with, accommodating, thoughtful, probing, and most important purposefully impactful. You have moved me and thousands of our associates. Management has received tremendous feedback and are being asked to provide more events to keep our positive momentum. While I was initially disappointed not to be able to host you in person as we planned, in many ways some of our events together were even more interactive than we could have done in person with the same amount of time.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Human Facets.

Anna Dopkin, Vice President
T. Rowe Price

…I cannot thank you enough for the Virtual Keynote you presented on April 20, 2020 to our group. I have been flooded with positive feedback and requests to be connected to you and your content. With almost 400 people on the webinar you created a connection with the audience through your live polls and examples that I don’t think anyone anticipated.

I know Virtual Keynotes are new to all of us, due to COVID-19 and I just wanted to assure you it was navigated like you do it every day!

Thanks for making my audience feel so important and validated. We really appreciate you!

Lori Kleiman, Managing Director
HR Topics

…Helen, I don’t have words to say how incredibly lucky and fortunate we have all been to have you speak at AIEC. Your talk touched people in so many ways and your words, insights and story-telling was a highlight of our program. I would not exaggerate in saying that it was probably the best opening keynote at AIEC. The feedback has been phenomenal and I have no doubt app and survey feedback will reiterate this. The talk itself was both inspirational and practical, and I truly believe had an impact on how delegates interacted and conversed on topics throughout the rest of the conference and will have an impact beyond the 4 days of the conference. I heard some very positive feedback also about the Q&A session.

Josephine Williams, Events and Partnerships Manager, IDP Education Ltd

…Helen Turnbull manages the rare feat of engaging audiences with good humor and energy on the highly serious subject of unconscious bias in the workplace. Her global experience, outstanding results, and great empathy with people at all levels create not merely awareness, but an urgency to improve and progress. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she creates immediate focus, action, and behavior change.

Alan Weiss, PhD, author, Million Dollar Consulting and over 60 other books

…Dr. Turnbull is an excellent facilitator. She demonstrates high levels of engagement with the Unconscious Bias program participants and was the key to the program’s success. Her subject matter knowledge of unconscious bias and diversity gave the program credibility. Dr. Turnbull uses a range of adult learning principles ensuring participants effectively develop the skills to meet the objectives of the program in an interesting and interactive way. She received outstanding feedback from participants. Dr. Turnbull is a global expert in the area of unconscious bias and diversity/inclusion and is a thought leader in this field. She is extremely professional and worked collaboratively with our organization to ensure that the program was successful. She is flexible in adapting to program changes and proactively identified and implemented program improvements during the implementation phase. She operates with high levels of integrity and is friendly and easy to work with.

Australian Corporate Client

…Dr. Helen Turnbull facilitated several “Inclusion and Unconscious Bias” Workshop for our 40 top Senior Leaders February 2018. The programs got fantastic reviews. Below are a few participant comments:

  • “Opened my mind to my internal bias”
  • “Challenged my own views and diversity and inclusion”
  • “Helped me see how I exclude people unconsciously”
  • “Great workshop! We should do this with all employees”
  • “This program far exceeded my expectations”

Dr. Turnbull is an engaging and powerful speaker. Her deep knowledge of diversity and inclusion was impressive.

I highly recommend Dr. Turnbull.

Rose Dority, Training and Development Manager
Tropical Shipping USA, LLC

…In my Leadership Role as the Union Chairman, I have the opportunity to be one of the first to attend learning and development sessions/opportunities that will be offered to our membership (at Miller Coors). In the case of the “Building Cultural Sensitivity” work presented by Human Facets® i will admit, I may have been a bit hesitant to engage based on expectations of what benefits could/would be achieved.


After attending as a participant, I felt compelled to attend other sessions to hear the dialogue from the various audiences. The attendees in each session were (diverse) cross functional employees with varied tenure, multi level in nature. “Building Cultural Sensitivity” provided a great place for people to share thoughts and experiences in a unique way and with people that they might not have ever had the opportunity to do so with.


It truly was about awareness and sharing in a very non-threatening way that seemed to allow for greater openness and hopefully understanding. By the final few sessions I observed there were more and more Thank you’s to each other for the sharing. Ultimately, how it evolved and ended up was more than expected. THANKS to Human Facets® for the experience.

John Holub, Chairman, UAW Local 2308

Helen was a known expert in the field of diversity and organisational development in the US, but it is to her great credit that she managed to translate and sell the concepts to a wholly sceptical and initially unreceptive multi-national audience in the London office.


The Leading Diversity 1-day training programme that she delivered over a two year period to in excess of 1500 officers and staff of the bank was the most ambitious and successful training intervention ever introduced in Europe.


Helen’s skills as a facilitator are second to none. She is intuitive, fluid, articulate and natural, spotting and heading off potential “hot spots” and providing an environment where people feel safe to express their views and know they will be heard. Her antenna are always up, yet she appears at complete ease with her audience and never radiates anything but calm and control.


But Helen has much more to offer than just stand up training and facilitation. Her OD skills are fabulous and her holistic approach to culture change is practical and realistic yet inspirational. Whatever she does, she takes people with her and makes the journey seem immensely worthwhile.


As a business partner, Helen is an exceedingly reliable and diligent colleague, working seamlessly to ensure that goals are delivered and targets are met. You feel reassured when working with Helen that everything is possible and will be done to the highest standard. I recommend her to you most highly.”

Alison Pullman, JP Morgan

…Dr. Helen Turnbull has an intuitive talent for working with groups, large or small. At Texas Instruments she has consulted on Diversity initiatives, teaming and empowerment initiatives and strategic change efforts. In each case she brought the same exceptional skill and talent to all of these diverse projects. Her ability to customize the design and to think on her feet ensure that Helen sets an exemplary example of consulting at its best.

Tegwin Pulley, Texas Instruments

…We partnered with Human Facets® at the start of our diversity journey. We were initially overwhelmed with the scope of what we wanted to achieve and working with a seasoned diversity professional helped us to develop a robust infrastructure and an impactful strategy. The time invested at this stage of the programme was a significant influence on the success we went on to achieve.”

—Fleur Bothwick, Major Investment Bank, UK

…Dr. Helen Turnbull worked with us for an extended period, assisting us in making major culture changes. We shifted our organization from a hierarchical culture to empowered teams and she was a key player in the success of these efforts. Her ability to listen to her clients, respond to their needs, think on her feet and provide each group with an outstanding experience is unprecedented. She is without question one of the most gifted and talented consultants I have ever had the privilege of working with.”

Mercedes Reuter, Texas Instruments

…Dr. Helen Turnbull recently was voted one of two faculty members within our university community of over 26,000 students as the professor students would most like to hear speak about where she finds meaning and purpose in life in the NSU Last Lecture Series.


Dr. Turnbull is clearly knowledgeable, organized and engaging. Her presentation provided opportunities for all learning styles to connect and combined important lessons, illuminating her depth of experience in a very down-to-earth, conversational style that captured the audience’s attention. Afterwards, students and staff stayed in the lecture hall waiting to ask questions in an attempt to glean additional insights from her. After the presentation, many asked if it was possible to get a copy of her speech or Powerpoint presentation. One student remarked that there was so much good information, he couldn’t capture it in one sitting.


My first experience working with Dr. Turnbull was when she served as a presenter for the 2007 Diversity Summit. Her demeanor, insights, and presentation style were impressive then and it was an honor to have the opportunity to hear her speak again this year in the Last Lecture Series.”

Terry Morrow, Director of Student Leadership, Nova SE University

…The Miami area International Coach Federation would like to thank you for your presentation on Diversity. It is clear that you are passionate about this topic and told stories in a way that both captivated the imagination and made the listener want to know more. Audience survey comments indicated that you were an outstanding and very exceptional presenter, engaging, and held the audience’s attention. Thank you again for your expertise in the subject and your contribution to the success of our chapter.”

—The International Coach Federation, Miami Area Chapter

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