Embed Valuable New Behaviors into the Fabric of Your Organization

Corporations spend an exorbitant amount of training dollars on diversity and inclusion education and awareness training, yet often fail to move the organization to the next critical step of embedding inclusion—ensuring people feel valued and involved.

That’s where Human Facets® comes in.

We will help your organization identify the skills gaps and enable your key influencers and thought leaders to embed inclusion in their business units, helping you:

  • Attract talent that reflects the globally diverse marketplace.
  • Retain talent that creates new solutions for diverse customers.
  • Value diversity of thought and cultural differences.
  • Challenge the concept of meritocracy, replacing it with a wider vision of cross cultural leadership.

Embedding Inclusion Program by Human Facets®

Human Facets’® unique and robust Embedding Inclusion program is designed to create an inclusive environment and embed new behaviours into the fabric of organizations.

Elements of the program include an Inclusion Skills Measurement Profile (ISM), an interactive workshop, an ISM group profile report and embedding inclusion activities to ensure the culture change is driven into the organization.

Human Facets® delivers completely customized programs to meet each client’s needs, working diligently to guarantee you get measurable, bottom line results.

Email us at ScottCabrera@humanfacets.com or call at (954) 370-6343 to learn more.