Develop a Successful Plan with Measurable, Bottom Line Results

Human Facets® Consulting

Consulting Services

Human Facets’® international team of consultants assists corporate clients in the development and implementation of their diversity and global inclusion strategies.

The team is headed by Dr. Helen Turnbull, who is a well-respected, international expert in the field with a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge that places her in the top five percent of global inclusion specialists worldwide.

The Human Facets® team:

  • Provides high level executive consulting to senior leadership on all aspects of global inclusion and diversity.
  • Conducts diversity audits with major corporations, assisting them in the data gathering process that provides a strong foundation for their diversity strategic plan.
  • Uses online tools, focus groups and interviews to provide the client with the data they need to make good decisions.
  • Provides direction and facilitation to ensure the culture change is driven into the organization and the global inclusion and diversity strategic direction is embedded in the organizational culture, providing not only a successful program, but measurable, bottom line results.
  • Offers strategy development with senior leadership on global inclusion and diversity.

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