How Can Your Organization Leverage Diversity, Ensure Unconscious Bias is Removed and Embed an Inclusive Environment?

For many organizations, the difference between diversity and inclusion is unclear. With a more visible face, diversity involves managing demographics, ensuring diverse people are employed and represented at all levels of the organization. Inclusion, on the other hand, lives in the less visible cultural nuances of how people feel about the organization and the people they work with and for.

As diversity and global inclusion experts, we help organizations leverage diversity, ensure unconscious bias is removed and embed an inclusive environment.

Online Assessments

Inclusion Skills ManagementISM Profile©Self-Assessment & 360 Degree Tool

The Inclusion Skills Measurement Profile (ISM Profile) is an online self-assessment and 360 degree assessment tool developed by Dr. Helen Turnbull to help participants improve in seven categories related to embedding inclusion.

Inclusions Skills Measurement Profile

Gender Gap Assessment ToolGender Gap Assessment Tool©

The Gender Gap Online Assessment Tool evaluates your leadership skills and capabilities to create a gender supportive work environment. It helps leaders to measure their gender acumen effectiveness across seven different gender competencies.

Gender Gap Assessment Tool

Cognizant Online AssessmentCognizant© Online Assessment: Discover What’s Hindering Your Progress

The Cognizant Online Assessment will give you in-depth insight into the impact of unconscious biases on organizations, individuals and group. A leading edge assessment completed online, it is designed to provide leaders with in-depth insight into their own hierarchy of unconscious bias. When made conscious of what these biases are, leaders are coached by our diversity and inclusions experts on how to master and overcome them.

Cognizant Online Assessment

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