Political Correctness, Politics, Parties and People

"Political Correctness, politics, parties and people"

I was at a party recently when I heard one of the male guests say “Merry Christmas”. He then exclaimed gleefully in a loud voice “Hey, we can say that now, since Trump is our President.”  Clutching my glass of wine a little tighter in order to maintain my decorum I felt a sense of deep despair and irritation. Not at being wished Merry Christmas, but at the rationale for why it was “now permissible”. Acknowledging to myself that feelings of despair are not productive and needing to keep myself forward focused I thought I would look back and mull over the history of Happy Holidays.  How did this happen? Do you remember the game when you whisper a short story into someone’s ear and…

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Every time it happens….

Every time it happens….

Every time it happens I think I could not possibly be more shocked. This cannot be happening. I tell myself “This is unacceptable and off the charts.” And then it happens again, but worse. Every time it happens I unconsciously move the bar of my tolerance by dumbing it down and numbing myself out from the onslaught of appalling stories. Every time it happens without knowing it I create a new normal. A new normal that eventually causes me to stop listening; to treat it like “white noise” while I have the luxury of getting on with my life and if I choose to, not switching on the news. Let me pause and ask you – what scenario came to mind as you read these…

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The New Leading Edge

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is the new leading edge on the Diversity and Inclusion journey. Despite all of the strategic sessions and training dollars spent on this topic, not to mention the discrimination cases, there is still a glass ceiling and discrimination continues to exist. Human Facets latest assessment, Cognizant, explores unconscious bias at both an individual and group level. You can download the PDF files on the Human Facets home page for more information. There is a price to be paid for ignoring the impact of unconscious bias as the companies listed below can attest. “Unconscious bias is increasingly being used in employment litigation to prove discrimination. Unconscious bias has been a central issue in Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the largest class action discrimination lawsuit in…

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Globalization and Globality


Do you know the difference between Globalization and Globality?  Globality is the next stage after Globalization and is already upon us.  Check out a new book from the Boston Consulting Group entitled “Globality”  click here for more information  Going global is no longer a choice – the train has left the station and globality is a must for survival.  We only have to watch what is happening to the world economy to realize that we are indeed all inextricably connected.  It brings new meaning to “six degrees of separation”.  What does all of this mean for your business?Are you as up to date on this concept as you need to be?

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Unconscious bias

Is your Corporation looking for the next “right” thing to do on diversity and global inclusiveness?Are you still wondering how you can persuade people they have work to do on their own biases? Are you tired of spending money on diversity training and not seeing any real change in the organization? What if you had an assessment tool that would enable you to customize it to not only fit your company culture but focus directly on the issues that are pertinent to your diversity goals. The ISM Profile (Inclusion Skills Measurement) is an online 360 degree assessment tool uniquely designed to help your employees identify the skills gaps. The program provides feedback, insights and tips for improvement. For more information click on the link on…

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