Political Correctness, Politics, Parties and People

"Political Correctness, politics, parties and people"

I was at a party recently when I heard one of the male guests say “Merry Christmas”. He then exclaimed gleefully in a loud voice “Hey, we can say that now, since Trump is our President.”  Clutching my glass of wine a little tighter in order to maintain my decorum I felt a sense of deep despair and irritation. Not at being wished Merry Christmas, but at the rationale for why it was “now permissible”. Acknowledging to myself that feelings of despair are not productive and needing to keep myself forward focused I thought I would look back and mull over the history of Happy Holidays.  How did this happen? Do you remember the game when you whisper a short story into someone’s ear and…

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Blind Spots – The Book

"Blind Spots by Dr Helen Turnbull"

Today I wanted to give you an in-depth look into unconscious bias thru my book “Blind Spots” by giving you a copy. Blind Spots is an interview-style manuscript where I discuss the road map to success and how it must include consideration of diversity and inclusion challenges faced by each individual. Some of the subjects I cover include: What diversity has to do with personal and professional success Doing your own work on diversity The “diversity paradox” How competence, diversity and inclusion have made a major contribution to becoming successful The specific diversity challenges that need to be address to be successful in business What internalized oppression is and why it matters I also share examples of incompetence around diversity and inclusion and how it…

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The New Leading Edge

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is the new leading edge on the Diversity and Inclusion journey. Despite all of the strategic sessions and training dollars spent on this topic, not to mention the discrimination cases, there is still a glass ceiling and discrimination continues to exist. Human Facets latest assessment, Cognizant, explores unconscious bias at both an individual and group level. You can download the PDF files on the Human Facets home page for more information. There is a price to be paid for ignoring the impact of unconscious bias as the companies listed below can attest. “Unconscious bias is increasingly being used in employment litigation to prove discrimination. Unconscious bias has been a central issue in Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the largest class action discrimination lawsuit in…

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Cognizant – The Diversity and Inclusion MRI

"Cognizant – The Diversity & Inclusion MRI"

Imagine being able to show your leadership team, HR team or Employee Affinity groups the impact of their conscious and unconscious preferences and biases. This graphic is a sample of a leadership team’s perceptions of gender differences in their workplace. For more information on Cognizant and the impact it can have on your Diversity and Inclusion journey please email info@humanfacets.com

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Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

What does Susan Boyle, a middle aged white woman from Scotland, who has catapulted from obscurity to fame overnight, have to do with diversity and inclusion? Seven weeks ago the judges and the audience on Britain’s Got Talent all rolled their eyes and laughed as she stood on stage. No one believed she had talent. They stopped laughing when she started to sing. They rose to their feet in wild applause as her dulcet tones raised the roof of the theater. The judges eyes were wide with delight and amazement and they told her that they had misjudged her. 150 million You Tube clicks later she is a household name around the world. We all know the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its…

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Did you know that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible variations to solving the rubik cube. That is 43 quitllion, 252 quadrillion, 3 trillion, 274 billion, 489 million+ variations. (source: www.metacafe.com) These numbers can only be calculated by a super computer, in n-dimensional hyperspace. In other words, the human mind cannot possibly comprehend or grasp the vastness of that challenge. I believe the same is true of the complex challenges we face when trying to crack or remove the glass ceiling for diverse groups. There are just as many variables. One of the variables that is not given enough attention on our Diversity & Inclusion journey are the glass walls we raise within and between groups. We cannot focus our energy fully on the glass ceiling because…

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"FORGET THE GLASS CEILING…at least for now"

We have been working on the challenges of breaking the Glass Ceiling for many years and yet, I am sure you would agree, we are still a long way from having achieved our goals. I want to suggest another frontier that I believe will offer an accelerated route to breaking through the glass ceiling. Remove the GLASS WALLS and the Glass Ceiling will crack faster. If you think about the architectural structure of a building you would normally build the walls first and then add the ceiling/roof. Conversely, if you were to dismantle that building you would take off the roof and then remove the walls. On the other hand, if you wanted faster progress, removing the walls first would certainly bring the ceiling tumbling…

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