Susan Boyle

What does Susan Boyle, a middle aged white woman from Scotland, who has catapulted from obscurity to fame overnight, have to do with diversity and inclusion? Seven weeks ago the judges and the audience on Britain’s Got Talent all rolled their eyes and laughed as she stood on stage. No one believed she had talent. They stopped laughing when she started to sing. They rose to their feet in wild applause as her dulcet tones raised the roof of the theater. The judges eyes were wide with delight and amazement and they told her that they had misjudged her. 150 million You Tube clicks later she is a household name around the world. We all know the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but how often do we judge others based on what we see, without taking the time to know who they are? How often do we make assumptions about someone based on their appearance, skin color or group membership, without exploring our own biases and closed mindedness. What you think you see is only part of the story. Read more on the article below “Washing your windows?”………

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