"FORGET THE GLASS CEILING…at least for now"

We have been working on the challenges of breaking the Glass Ceiling for many years and yet, I am sure you would agree, we are still a long way from having achieved our goals.

I want to suggest another frontier that I believe will offer an accelerated route to breaking through the glass ceiling. Remove the GLASS WALLS and the Glass Ceiling will crack faster. If you think about the architectural structure of a building you would normally build the walls first and then add the ceiling/roof.

Conversely, if you were to dismantle that building you would take off the roof and then remove the walls. On the other hand, if you wanted faster progress, removing the walls first would certainly bring the ceiling tumbling down faster. Metaphor can only take us so far, but I am sure you catch my drift. We have work to do on the walls we have built between us both within diverse groups and across groups. Read my next blog …”The Rubik Cube and the Sisterhood” for a roadmap on how to reframe this journey.

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