Last Lecture

"Last Lecture"

Tomorrow, September 22nd, I will be delivering the Last Lecture at Nova SE University; speaking on the meaning of life, what kind of legacy I want to leave etc. and it made me wonder what you would say if you were asked to speak about your legacy? What difference do you want to make in

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Washing your windows

Washing Your Windows

Someone recently sent me an email with a morality story….you know, the ones that you have to forward to seven people within seven minutes. I usually don’t pass them on, but I liked the message in this one so I thought I would share it with you. A recently married young couple move in to

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Millenial matters…


Much has been written about the Millenials and their strong desire to be independent. It is said that they are only loyal to themselves, self absorbed, entitled and challenging to manage. They have a short attention span, are looking to be entertained while at work and have a high need for power, while at the

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Truth from the Diversity Trenches

"Truth from the Diversity Trenches"

Truth from the Diversity Trenches Why is it so difficult for us to discuss Race in America?  Corporate America began working on Diversity & Inclusion in 1980, just after the publication of the Hudson Institute Report.  That report told us that there would be a change in the demographics of the labor force, with more

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"FORGET THE GLASS CEILING…at least for now"

We have been working on the challenges of breaking the Glass Ceiling for many years and yet, I am sure you would agree, we are still a long way from having achieved our goals. I want to suggest another frontier that I believe will offer an accelerated route to breaking through the glass ceiling. Remove

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To bail out or not to bail out, that is the question?

"To bail out or not to bail out, that is the question?"

With so many groups asking for a bail out, I am frequently being asked whether I think Corporations will bail out on their Diversity Initiatives? One argument put forward in the conversation is that the economy is so bad that of course companies will be cutting back and diversity training will be the first to

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Engaging White Women

"Engaging White Women"

Have you ever wondered if there is a hierarchy of biases? Do you think there are groups that find it easier to communicate with each other and groups that think there is little hope of authentic conversation and clear understanding? Do you sometimes wonder how people can be so blind to the issues? I recently

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3 Tips for successful mentoring across cultures

"3 Tips for successful mentoring across cultures"

Mentoring across gender and across cultural differences can have hidden challenges. It is natural to want to mentor people in our own image, but it is important to realize that when you are mentoring someone of a different Race, Ethnicity or Gender that you need to take account of that difference. Have an open discussion

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