Cognizant – The Diversity and Inclusion MRI

"Cognizant – The Diversity & Inclusion MRI"

Imagine being able to show your leadership team, HR team or Employee Affinity groups the impact of their conscious and unconscious preferences and biases. This graphic is a sample of a leadership team’s perceptions of gender differences in their workplace.

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Make it a perfect 10

Happy New Year

Someone said that to me recently. “Make it a perfect 10”. At first I was taken aback. What were they telling me. Was it a reference to Bo Derek? Did I need to improve my golf handicap or had I already achieved 9 of something and was, unknown to me, missing the elusive tenth. I

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Happy holidays – or not?

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and many of us are getting ready to wish each other a “Happy Holiday”. In recent years we have learned that this is the politically correct way to wish each other seasons greetings. It is designed to ensure that we offend no one. In a season where we will

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Last Lecture

"Last Lecture"

Tomorrow, September 22nd, I will be delivering the Last Lecture at Nova SE University; speaking on the meaning of life, what kind of legacy I want to leave etc. and it made me wonder what you would say if you were asked to speak about your legacy? What difference do you want to make in

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Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

What does Susan Boyle, a middle aged white woman from Scotland, who has catapulted from obscurity to fame overnight, have to do with diversity and inclusion? Seven weeks ago the judges and the audience on Britain’s Got Talent all rolled their eyes and laughed as she stood on stage. No one believed she had talent.

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Washing your windows

Washing Your Windows

Someone recently sent me an email with a morality story….you know, the ones that you have to forward to seven people within seven minutes. I usually don’t pass them on, but I liked the message in this one so I thought I would share it with you. A recently married young couple move in to

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Millenial matters…


Much has been written about the Millenials and their strong desire to be independent. It is said that they are only loyal to themselves, self absorbed, entitled and challenging to manage. They have a short attention span, are looking to be entertained while at work and have a high need for power, while at the

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La diversidad esta por todas partes, pero la inclusion no esta


For those of us who are not bi-lingual or multi-lingual the headline reads “Diversity is everywhere, but inclusion is not”. We only have to watch the constant Cable chatter to know that we are a LONG way from being an inclusive society. The nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court this week has unleashed

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Truth from the Diversity Trenches

"Truth from the Diversity Trenches"

Truth from the Diversity Trenches Why is it so difficult for us to discuss Race in America?  Corporate America began working on Diversity & Inclusion in 1980, just after the publication of the Hudson Institute Report.  That report told us that there would be a change in the demographics of the labor force, with more

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Did you know that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible variations to solving the rubik cube. That is 43 quitllion, 252 quadrillion, 3 trillion, 274 billion, 489 million+ variations. (source: These numbers can only be calculated by a super computer, in n-dimensional hyperspace. In other words, the human mind cannot possibly comprehend or grasp the vastness

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