Happy New Year

Someone said that to me recently. “Make it a perfect 10”. At first I was taken aback. What were they telling me. Was it a reference to Bo Derek? Did I need to improve my golf handicap or had I already achieved 9 of something and was, unknown to me, missing the elusive tenth.

I quickly regrouped, realizing she was wishing me a Happy New Year and wanting me to have a perfect 2010. What a nice thought. What would a perfect 2010 look like I wondered. Apart from the usual good health, weight loss, happiness and prosperity was there something else? I have a long list of items I could fit into each of these categories and my goal this year is to plan the work and work the plan. Focus, focus, focus. But that also got me to thinking about the bigger issues; the ones I have less control over and can only hope to influence by the butterfly effect and six degrees of separation. If I could wave a magic wand and create the perfect 2010, it would be a world without hatred, corruption and violence; a world where people rebuild a sense of community, where neighbors care and strangers are not strangers for long; where respect is reborn and love shines across the globe. A world where glass ceilings are shattered, glass walls are removed and bias and prejudice are things of the past. A world where technology is used only to enhance our quality of life and where ethics and integrity are as important as breathing.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, it is January 2nd; reality calls and it is time to get back to working on all the things that need attention – just like my golf handicap, nothing ever improves unless I work on it.

If you can’t have a perfect 10, then at least don’t contribute to making it imperfect for yourself or others around you.
Happy New Year

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