"The illusion of moving beyond"

Achieving global inclusion and understanding diversity is a journey and not an end point.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the recent USA Election Primary Season. Race, Gender, Age, Religion, Culture, Ethnicity were very much present in the day to day discussions between the candidates, the supporters and the media. Candidates have spent time and money persuading us to vote for them and while we want them to talk about issues, THE ISSUE, keeps tripping them up. Corporations have spent millions of dollars doing diversity work and yet the issues persist; resentments, prejudice, biases are alive and not well. Leakage will always occur when unresolved issues are living under the surface.

The answer is both simple and at the same time complex and challenging. What we resist persists. While we have done much to make progress with global inclusion and diversity, we have not done enough. We need to ensure that we are having real and authentic conversations about all of these difficult topics. Power Point slides, talking heads and training videos can only go so far. What we need is to be able to really talk to each other, and more importantly, hear each other by listening openly with non judgmental ears.

Human Facets uses an experiential design process that is uniquely designed to allow people to have authentic conversation and to walk away with multiple aha moments that they can use immediately.

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