"The Diversity Challenge – an innovative new approach"

Are you looking for something new and innovative to introduce to your employees and your leadership team? Something that will put a twinkle in their eyes, add fun and a competitive edge to their work on diversity and inclusion? Stop them from saying “we’ve already done diversity”!

I was in Sydney, Australia in July 2007 and found the best product I have ever seen on Diversity and Inclusion. It is really well done; well researched and always kept up to date. It provides Diversity Managers with all of the tools they need to inspire involvement and change in their organization. What is this product?

It is “The Diversity Challenge” and I am the USA and UK representative for this product. If you would like to be on the leading edge of diversity change and implementation and want to know more, please email me at drhelenturnbull@humanfacets.com and I will be happy to provide you with a brochure and set up a web conference demo. You will not be disappointed.

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Email us at ScottCabrera@humanfacets.com or call at (954) 370-6343 to learn more.