Engaging White Women

"Engaging White Women"

Have you ever wondered if there is a hierarchy of biases? Do you think there are groups that find it easier to communicate with each other and groups that think there is little hope of authentic conversation and clear understanding? Do you sometimes wonder how people can be so blind to the issues? I recently

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10 tips to improve diversity training

"10 tips to improve diversity training"

Ensure commitment and involvement from the Leadership team Conduct a cultural audit to determine what issues need addressing Conduct focus groups with homogenous groups (not heterogeneous groups) Provide cultural audit results and involve the leadership in developing a strategic approach to creating an inclusive work environment Use a well established and reputable diversity consulting expert

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3 Tips for successful mentoring across cultures

"3 Tips for successful mentoring across cultures"

Mentoring across gender and across cultural differences can have hidden challenges. It is natural to want to mentor people in our own image, but it is important to realize that when you are mentoring someone of a different Race, Ethnicity or Gender that you need to take account of that difference. Have an open discussion

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