"10 tips to improve diversity training"
  1. Ensure commitment and involvement from the Leadership team
  2. Conduct a cultural audit to determine what issues need addressing
  3. Conduct focus groups with homogenous groups (not heterogeneous groups)
  4. Provide cultural audit results and involve the leadership in developing a strategic approach to creating an inclusive work environment
  5. Use a well established and reputable diversity consulting expert to design, develop and implement your diversity training. You can use internal facilitators later.
  6. Ensure that the diversity training is clearly aligned to the findings from the cultural audit and is congruent with your goals for an inclusive environment
  7. Use an experiential learning model for diversity workshops and not power point and lecture.
  8. Avoid the sheep dip approach to training and offer more than 2 hour modules replete with power point slides
  9. Involve the Leadership Team and the Diversity networks in the early pilots of the program
  10. Ensure that there is a Change Management strategy in place that supports the training so that participants can see real change and not just check mark syndrome.
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